Kid2Kid is a second hand marketplace brought to you by What’s On For Kids – the go-to place for families with kids in Luxembourg.

At What’s On For Kids we often get asked about where and how to find a good second home to all those beautiful clothes and great toys that our kids don’t need any more. The Kid2Kid marketplace is our answer to that.

Here, you can find great deals on clothes, toys and other things you need for your kids. All the items are in a very good or excellent state so you can shop with confidence.

We can also help you sell your stuff at Kid2Kid. It is a real marketplace, which means that you can buy and also sell.

With 15k+ monthly website visits, 2k+ families subscribed to our newsletters, 2.5k+ average people reach per post on Social media, and numerous weekly features in local print, online and broadcast media, What’s On For Kids has the largest, fastest growing and farthest reaching family network in Luxembourg.


By listing your items with Kid2Kid and by showcasing them before virtually every family in Luxembourg, you have the best chance to find them a great second home.

And it gets even better – listing with Kid2Kid is completely FREE. Yes, it doesn’t cost anything to list and sell your items.

Give it a try, we’re sure you’ll love it!

At any time, if you have questions, feel free to write us.