Yes, you can sell your stuff on Kid2Kid!

In fact it is super easy to do so.

And it is the fastest way that you can find a great second home to all those loved toys and clothes that you have no use for any more.

All you have to do to get started is to sign up using this registration form (vendor registration is currently closed).

We will then:

  • create your own account so you can list your products (or we can list them for you if you don’t want to spend time doing so)
  • notify you when someone buys your items so you can ship them out (or if you prefer they can come to pick them up from you)
  • transfer the money you made from your sales to an account of your choice (or PayPal them to you)

As simple as that!

Why You Should Use Kid2Kid

Kid2Kid was created and launched by What’s On For Kids – the go-to place for families with kids in Luxembourg.

With 15k+ monthly website visits, 2k+ families subscribed to our newsletters, 2.5k+ average people reach per post on Social media, and numerous weekly features in local print, online and broadcast media, What’s On For Kids has the largest, fastest growing and farthest reaching family network in Luxembourg.


By listing your items with Kid2Kid and by showcasing them before virtually every family in Luxembourg, you have the best chance to find them a great second home.

And it gets even better – listing with Kid2Kid is completely FREE. Yes, it doesn’t cost anything to list your items. You only pay us a small thank-you percentage when your stuff sells. And it WILL sell!