Here is a quick guide on how to use your Vendor account.

Adding and Managing Products

You can add products by clicking on ‘Add Product’ under Products on your Vendor Dashboard.

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You can edit your products by clicking on the product name or on the ‘Edit’ link under the product name. Some attributes could also be quickly edited by clicking ‘Quick Edit’ link under the product name.

Product Details

Once on the product page, there are only a few things you need to add.

  • The name of your item
  • The description of the item
  • Product image. If you would like to add more than one image, use the Add product gallery box under the Product Image box
  • Price. This is the Regular price text field under Product Data -> General
  • Quantity in stock. This is under Product Data -> Inventory. Check ‘Manage stock?’, then enter the number of items in stock under ‘Stock Qty’
  • Shipping cost per product. See section below for more details.

That is all. Do not forget to save the product when you are done.

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Note: The interface for adding the products is a straightforward Woocommerce for WordPress. If you have any questions we suggest to Google them and the chances are that you will find the answer quickly that way. Of course you are always welcome to contact us too.


We apply a nominal shipping fee of €1.50 per item in each order in addition to a handling fee of €2.00 per order.

For example, if the order contains one item (regardless of the price or weight of that item) the shipping charge for the order is €3.50. If the order contains two items, the shipping charge for the order is €5.00.

You have the ability to specify you own shipping cost per item. You are encouraged to do so if you feel that a shipping of €1.50 per item is not going to be enough to ship your items.

To set your own shipping cost per item, go to Edit Product and do so under Shipping > Shipping Rules at the bottom. All you need to do is fill out the Country code (LU for Luxembourg) and the Item cost. Do not forget to save your Product afterwards.

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The handling fee is split between the vendor and the store owner and subject to change at any time without notice.


You will receive email notifications every time when a client purchases one of your items or when there is an update on an order with your items.

Notifications do not necessarily mean that the order is complete.

You should only ship the order when the customer has paid for it. Before shipping the items to the customer, always log in to your account to verify that the status of the order shows Completed. You can see all your orders under Orders in your Vendor Dashboard.

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Only when the status of the order shows Completed, you can ship the order to the buyer or contact them for pickup. Contacting the buyer prior to that or arranging for payment with cash on delivery (without our prior approval) is considered a violation of our terms and conditions.

Order Fulfillment

When you ship your order, you need to update its status to ‘Fulfilled’. Failure to do so will result in not getting paid for it.

Here’s how to mark the order as Fulfilled.

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We, as Kid2Kid store owners, keep a commission out of each sale. Our current commission is set at 10% which means that you take home 90% of the sold items’ price. That is also referred as ‘Commissions’ in your Vendor Dashboard.

You can see your commissions at any time under Orders in your Vendor Dashboard.

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Paid commissions will display as ‘Paid’ and unpaid as ‘Unpaid’.

The commissions do not reflect any shipping costs that will be paid to you out of the orders’ shipping. These will be transferred separately to you based on the shipping costs per item that you have set on your products (see section Shipping above).


If you have a PayPal account then we will automatically transfer you commission at the time of the sale. If you do not have those and only provide us with a bank account, then we will make payouts on a predefined schedule.

Any shipping cost that you set on your products and that was billed to the customer at the time of order (in cases when the customer chose shipping instead of pickup) will be transferred to you as well, as part of the payout schedule.

The current payout schedule is once every two weeks.

A Few Words From Us

Lastly, we wanted to remind you that Kid2Kid is built on trust.

The mutual trust and understanding between us, the store owners, and you, the vendor, is the key for making Kid2Kid great and the only way for Kid2Kid to be beneficial for both you and us.

We trust you that you would only list appropriate and relevant products and that you would play by the rules. You trust us that we would provide you with a marketplace to sell your products and that we would pay you all the commissions and eligible shipping that you earned.

So let’s keep that trust up!